1. Student pays a non-refundable subscription fee of $20
  2. Student pays for a 4 week period of the program chosen. He/she gets a receipt with a period written on it. Classes are available only within this period of studies.
  3. Payment return is available
        – before starting classes – full refund minus $20 and Quebec taxes
        – during 1-7 calendar days from the starting date- 50%
        – after 7 calendar days- no refund
  4. A prospective student can take a trial class for $20
  5. In some cases it’s possible to postpone studies for a later date
  6. Student can arrange special schedule with precise dates before starting studies
  7. This is the student’s responsibility to attend the number of classes which he/she paid for.
  8. If a student missed some classes, he/she can compensate them by arranging with a teacher and attending other classes available in school schedule
  9. If a student continues studies, he/she is allowed to compensate the classes missed from the previous period during the next session
  10. Student can be transferred during the period of studies to another group if he/she wants to change the time or level
  11. The payment can be recalculated during the session if a student is willing to take a more intensive program or in case if in some reason the school cannot provide him/her the number of classes of his/her plan
  12. Student can ask for a discount of $30 for family plan or for taking a course of another language simultaneously