"When I arrived in Montreal, I started working at one of Montreal’s factory. In June 2008, I took 2-month course in School Express. Now I have an office job and I am happy! I recommended this school to all my friends!"
Marcia (Mexico)
"I run my own business in Montreal and operate it in French. But my company is growing and I need to communicate with the US clients. I was happy to find this school where groups are always small and this is so much better to learn a new language. Teachers are well qualified!"
Ruslan (Kirgizstan)
"The teachers are great; the atmosphere is warm and friendly. We had a lot of communication activities, and all the students made big progress within several months! The school is located downtown, and after classes girls usually go shopping!"
Becky (Korea)
"I had a really good English grammar, but I couldn’t speak until I came to this school. The school exceeds all my expectations, and I really enjoyed movies and discussions in Social Club! Now I start my career at a new level".
Dmitry (Russia)
"When I entered the school, I thought about some improvement in my English. But after several months of studying teachers convinced me to go to the university, and now I am an engineering student in Concordia. I am planning to make a good career in Canada"
Massillon (Haiti)
"Montreal is fantastic! I came here to stay with my sister and her family, but I didn’t know a word in English. I have studied at Express for three months, and now I understand my brother-in-law and even speak to our guests from Toronto.. This school is a great choice for newcomers".
Vesna (Serbia)